Stress is one of the greatest causes of harm towards our health today. When stress is high, our bodies take their energy away from fighting off illness and disease. Instead, they are working on just keeping us going. We are all unique and similar at the same time, so the way that stress affects our bodies can differ.

Your adrenals are shot

Your energy drops, you need a ton of sleep and can’t focus/concentrate, you crave salty foods and/or meet, you need sugar, soda, coffee or other ‘uppers.’ (Try adrenal support supplements as you cut down on the ‘uppers’ – check your local health food store.)

Your seratonin levels are low

You may have panic attacks, you are showing signs of OCD, you have negative thoughts, you might have an eating disorder, you are fearful, edgy and/or irritable, you experience pain. ¬†You likely have too much caffeine or alcohol. You may be on a “low” diet – low fat, low protein or low carb. You may be depressed or having anxiety or panic attacks. (Try 5-htp for your seratonin levels.)

stress_general_shutterstock-ollyy_0Your thyroid is malfunctioning

You have cold hands or feet, gain weight easily or can’t lose it, headaches (esp. in the morning), you’re depressed, you have low energy and are fatigued, perhaps you sleep a lot. (Again, check your local health food store for supplements that support thyroid function.)

You are deficient in B Vitamins

You might be depressed, have loss of energy, be paranoid and/or nervous, have insomnia, have tingling in fingers and/or toes, irritable or easily overwhelmed. Perhaps you haven’t been eating a balanced diet with enough raw foods (We often ‘overcook’ our vegetables, which gets rid of the vitamin Bs. To keep the Bs in, they need to be kept close to raw.)

Effective ideas for how to reduce stress

* Take yoga

* Stop drinking coffee

* Start exercising

* Turn off the TV

* Don’t work as much

You probably have heard of these or others.


The challenge is finding something that we are willing to do.

Even though we know how to reduce our stress, we may not do it because either the inconvenience of our discomfort isn’t great enough OR our underlying beliefs that are controlling our actions.