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Bowflex: Some of Our Favorite Machines for Fitness

Bowflex is one of the most popular fitness/ exercise equipment brands in the US and is regarded as the ultimate brand for home fitness equipment. Bowflex is a brand name for a series of fitness equipment, marketed and sold by Nautilus Inc. They sells their products through direct, retail and international channels. The products range from smart activity tracker to cardio machines, to adjustable dumbells and home gyms. There are countless sources of positive feedback about their equipment including hundreds (if not more) of positive reviews of their Tread Climbers, Max Trainer, and various other at-home workout equipment.

Bowflex equipment allows a person to do all exercises that is normally done in the gym. A person can get a complete workout without having to dedicate more time and effort going to the gym. This is important for busy people who cannot find enough time to workout regularly.  Doing a 20-minute workout three times a week will give significant changes in your body in six week’s time.

Bowflex fitness equipment ensure safety because it comes with high-tech Power Rods, which make it possible for the user to move smoothly and without interruption when doing the exercise. The Power Rods are light and eliminate the risk of injuries that may result from adding plates and picking up weights from the floor.


The Bowflex home gym is a complete workout because it enables a person to do circuit training with a single machine. It allows the person to train any part of the body, including the abs, chest, legs and arms.

It offers convenience and durability for it is much lighter than any conventional equipment that uses weight stacks. It can be moved around easier and can be folded for easy storage. It does not need an area that requires permanent installation.  And the equipments are made from durable materials and can last for many years.

Bowflex fitness equipments are so popular because it can help people achieve better results in a shorter time. A person can easily change the setup in between exercise which is essential so that you will not lose any fat burning benefits.

The exercises that can be performed using Bowflex are seated ab crunches, Front lad pulldowns, leg curls, shoulder presses, bicep curls, seated rows, bench presses, chest flies and leg extensions. There are over 100 alternative exercises that can be done using Bowflex. Training using Bowflex will result to a toned and lean muscles. It is very effective in building muscle mass and eliminating body fat especially if the exercise program is combined with a healthy diet.

The various exercise routines offered by the Bowflex workout program target all muscle groups and are intended to promote muscle strength, muscle endurance , muscle power, body composition, balance strength, flexibility and cardio vascular endurance.


For better result, it is advised to combine Bowflex exercise program with a healthy diet.

There are separate Bowflex Home Gym models to choose from., three of which utilize the Power Rod technology. Power Rods offer smooth resistance and create the feel of free weights without impact and excess inertia. The newest and most advanced Home Gym model is the Bowflex Revolution which eliminates Power Rods in favor of SpiralFlex technology.



Stress, Its Symptoms And How To Reduce It

Stress, Its Symptoms And How To Reduce It

Stress is one of the greatest causes of harm towards our health today. When stress is high, our bodies take their energy away from fighting off illness and disease. Instead, they are working on just keeping us going. We are all unique and similar at the same time, so the way that stress affects our bodies can differ.

Your adrenals are shot

Your energy drops, you need a ton of sleep and can’t focus/concentrate, you crave salty foods and/or meet, you need sugar, soda, coffee or other ‘uppers.’ (Try adrenal support supplements as you cut down on the ‘uppers’ – check your local health food store.)

Your seratonin levels are low

You may have panic attacks, you are showing signs of OCD, you have negative thoughts, you might have an eating disorder, you are fearful, edgy and/or irritable, you experience pain.  You likely have too much caffeine or alcohol. You may be on a “low” diet – low fat, low protein or low carb. You may be depressed or having anxiety or panic attacks. (Try 5-htp for your seratonin levels.)

stress_general_shutterstock-ollyy_0Your thyroid is malfunctioning

You have cold hands or feet, gain weight easily or can’t lose it, headaches (esp. in the morning), you’re depressed, you have low energy and are fatigued, perhaps you sleep a lot. (Again, check your local health food store for supplements that support thyroid function.)

You are deficient in B Vitamins

You might be depressed, have loss of energy, be paranoid and/or nervous, have insomnia, have tingling in fingers and/or toes, irritable or easily overwhelmed. Perhaps you haven’t been eating a balanced diet with enough raw foods (We often ‘overcook’ our vegetables, which gets rid of the vitamin Bs. To keep the Bs in, they need to be kept close to raw.)

Effective ideas for how to reduce stress

* Take yoga

* Stop drinking coffee

* Start exercising

* Turn off the TV

* Don’t work as much

You probably have heard of these or others.


The challenge is finding something that we are willing to do.

Even though we know how to reduce our stress, we may not do it because either the inconvenience of our discomfort isn’t great enough OR our underlying beliefs that are controlling our actions.


Fast Food – Is It So Dangerous?

Fast Food – Is It So Dangerous?

When I lost weight a few years ago, I rarely ate out. Fast food especially was the enemy!  However, life was much simpler back then. I lived in a pretty easy-going town in North Carolina and I was home long before 6 every evening to eat dinner. Now that I’m living in Northern Virginia, part of my weight issues is just time. Not as much time to cook, not as much time to work out. So this means being creative with time. And I’ll admit..we’re still working on it. (lol)

But..yesterday my husband and I both taught our individual Zumba(R) classes, mine being an hour away. So by the time I arrived home, we were both starving and were so busy last week, we never made it to the grocery store.

Grocery store haul

Excitement and tiredness got the best of us, so going to the grocery store to find something to eat was out of the question. Sound familiar to you?  So what do you eat?

Check the nutrition guide always!

I finally settled on Panera Bread. But knowing I was ravenous, I decided to go back to my old faithful days of when I was stricter on fast food. Check the nutrition guide! I usually settle for a salad there, but yesterday I decided for a sandwich & a soup. Thank God I checked..the sandwich I had in mind (as made normally) was over 900 calories! Switching breads for the sandwich and switching to the half vs. the full I saved almost 600 calories and about 40 grams of carbs.


I tell people all the time, if you check the nutrition guide to your favorite eateries, especially fast food, you won’t eat it anymore…or at least not like you used to. I used to indulge in a large fry (I’m a sucker for potatoes, soft bread & but after seeing the nutrition value, never again. Now if I feel like I HAVE to have fries, I’ll get a small fry & really plan out what I’m eating for the rest of my day and try to get some extra exercise in there.


Somethings are worth modifying so that you can enjoy your favs in moderation but you have to ask yourself, if a burger has 50 grams of pure fat (and some of them do), is that really what you want to put in your body? Ever?

You can eat it sometimes – you won’t die

I will caution you fast food is not the best thing in the world to eat ALL the time. However, for those with busy lives, it’s not practical to say never eat it. Just do it with caution, watch the portion size (I’ll sometimes split take-out in 1/2s or 13rds) and always, always,  always, check the nutrition guide.  We’ll talk more about practical tips if you can’t find the nutritional guide later.

And there you have it, a few practical ways to get (and keep you!) on your fitness journey!


Three Fabulous Fitness Tips for Women After Pregnancy

Three Fabulous Fitness Tips for Women After Pregnancy

Congratulations! You survived the past nine months and your baby has arrived healthy and well. But what happened to that body you used to see in the mirror? How can you get back into shape? Postpartum fitness needs can cause despair for many women. It seems like there is so much to be done, but you never have time or energy to do it.

Fitness Tip 1:

Avoid crash dieting. Actually, it seems like everyone should avoid doing any activity with the word “crash” in it. But this is definitely the case for women recovering from pregnancy. Your body has spent nine months adapting to nourishing new life.

Pregnant Women Fitness

Then, in one day, your baby is on the outside and your body is forced to change all over again. You need balanced nutrition to recover. This is especially true if you’re breastfeeding. Stick to a sensible diet that includes whole grains, vegetables and fruit. These healthy choices will give you the strength and stamina you need to regain your pre-baby body.

chontel-pregnancy-arm-flexFitness Tip 2:

Don’t rush. You may be anxious to get back into shape. But not only are you tired and sore, your newest family member is probably keeping you up at night too. Go easy for the first six weeks. You can probably start with walking and some modified push-ups. But get your doctor’s approval before you get back to more strenuous workouts.

Fitness Tip 3:

Include your baby. Trying to schedule time for fitness with a newborn at home can be challenging at best. One way to overcome this time barrier is to include your baby in your fitness activities. Load up the stroller when you want to go for a walk or light jog. Let baby lie next to you in the floor when you exercise. Fitness may be for your benefit, but being able to turn it into “together” time is even more of a blessing.


By following a sensible fitness plan, you can expect natural weight loss, a restoration of muscle strength, improved mood and reduced stress. In fact, most doctors agree that balanced nutrition and fitness are the keys to recovering from or even preventing postpartum depression. Oh, and you can also look forward to increased energy. Which is good, because you’re probably going to need it.


Some Health And Fitness Tips That Will Help You Stay Strong At All Time

Some Health And Fitness Tips That Will Help You Stay Strong At All Time

It is very important for you to keep your body healthy and fit so that it may function properly. You need to know that your body is an essential part like your brain. So, if you are suffering from any kind of illness, you should do necessary treatment immediately to regain your good health.

There are some fitness tips that you should consider in order to live a healthy life. Read on to know about some of them.

Get sufficient sleep

You should get sufficient sleep in order to lead a healthy life. Sleeping enables you to heal your body completely after whole day’s hard-work. This is also considered to be one of the best ways how you can avoid falling sick.

Drink plenty of water


Water has an important role for the proper functioning of your body. You must drink lots of water since your food digestion and blood flow gets affected by it. Also, you should be sure that both of them are working properly.

Take your breakfast on time 

You should begin your day by eating breakfast at the right time. Your breakfast should be healthy since this is the first meal you take during the day. A good breakfast will enable you to stay strong and fit.

Eat healthy food Eat lots of vegetables

A lot of nutrition can be obtained from the fresh vegetables and so, you should eat lots of them. Fortunately, vegetables come in all colors, sizes, shapes an flavors. So, you should not fear at all to eat vegetables that you are not familiar with.

Wash your hands properly

Before eating, you should always wash your hands properly. This is important because if you eat food with dirty hands, your body may face several kinds of diseases. As such, make sure you eat food only with clean hands.

Do exercise on a daily basis

You should do exercise on a regular basis if you want to keep your body strong and healthy. With proper exercise, you’ll be able to remove the excess fat that you’ve accumulated in your body. This will enable you to stay physically fit.

Thus, follow the above-mentioned tips on health and fitness in order to stay hale and hearty.


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